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Tennessee (9-7) - View Standings
W L T PCT PF PA Home Road AFC NFC DIV Streak
9 7 0 .563 334 356 6-2 3-5 8-4 1-3 5-1 W1
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Love my titans
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Rockyfellow, I'm gonna say this real clearly.......Write English.......Use correct grammar and spelling........Make one even knows what in the holy fukk you are trying to say......not even you.......If you want respect, make some muddafuggin' sense or shut the holy fukk up.
3/23/2018 6:39:10 PM EST
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Goatty you excuse me raping my mother. I do not know if President Trump guilty of 13 year claim Mr Trump and Mr Empstein tied her up to a bed and **** her. The Port Huron Times Herald had a w3ritten story about president Trump being excuse of ****. I think I have very strong case of discrimination against you Goatty in United States civil right court.
3/23/2018 4:25:57 PM EST
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Rrocketfuel got chippy over a comment not even directed @ him and threatened to sue me! I was like....are you feeling okay mang?
3/23/2018 10:13:13 AM EST
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Date Time Opponent Score Fan Pick
9/101:10 PMOaklandL 16-2670% Oakland
9/171:10 PMat JacksonvilleW 37-1652% Jacksonville
9/244:15 PMSeattleW 33-2751% Tennessee
10/11:10 PMat HoustonL 14-5751% Tennessee
10/81:10 PMat MiamiL 10-1668% Tennessee
10/168:40 PMIndianapolisW 36-2285% Tennessee
10/221:10 PMat ClevelandW 12-992% Tennessee
11/51:10 PMBaltimoreW 23-2066% Tennessee
11/121:10 PMCincinnatiW 24-2093% Tennessee
11/168:35 PMat PittsburghL 17-4090% Pittsburgh
11/261:10 PMat IndianapolisW 20-1690% Tennessee
12/31:10 PMHoustonW 24-1396% Tennessee
12/104:15 PMat ArizonaL 7-1282% Tennessee
12/174:35 PMat San FranciscoL 23-2569% Tennessee
12/241:10 PMLA RamsL 23-2791% LA Rams
12/314:35 PMJacksonvilleW 15-1075% Jacksonville
1/64:45 PMat Kansas CityW 22-2192% Kansas City
1/138:25 PMat New EnglandL 14-3593% New England